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#1352  Autumn Patch Braided Rug  

Autumn Patch Jute Fiber Braided Rug.  20 x 30.  Jute fiber is harvested from the bamboo-like Jute Plant.  Earth Rugs are eco-friendly!  Jute is one of the strongest fibers known to man.  It was used on seagoing ships befoe the invention of steal cables.  Woven into rugs, jute fibers provide lasting beauty and strength.  They will stand commercial use and can last a lifetime in the home.  Jute has a natural water repellent characteristic as it naturally grows in water.  Water cannot damage a rug woven from jute fiber.  Water simply beads up to the surface.  They can be cleaned with soap and water.  Cleaning enhances the beauty of these rugs.  Do not machine wash.   


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